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my response to anybody who tries to come at me at school 

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Tuscan Traditions.   (at Sweet Basil Goumetware And Cooking School)

Tuscan Traditions. (at Sweet Basil Goumetware And Cooking School)

2013 met a lot of amazing people, been to some phenomenal places & ate some exquisite meals. More than that I shared once in a life time moments with those closet to me. A lot coming in 2014 to be continued…

Home for the holidays. #outfitgrid

Home for the holidays. #outfitgrid

Essence Bakery & Cafe’ 

Essence Bakery & Cafe’ is located on 825 W. University Dr. Tempe, Arizona 85281. Essence offers a full menu for both breakfast & lunch with daily specials. There menu consist of Gourmet Organic & local foods. It is the type of place where after your first visit you are hooked. I am a big fan of their grass fed beef burger & grilled cheese. (pictures can be seen above.) Beware if you have a sweet tooth because the knockout punch  of Essence is their freshly baked macaroons. With a wide variety of flavors you are bound to find the perfect fit for you! I would consider Essence to be the best bakery/cafe’ in town. For hours & more head over to there website click here.

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